All memberships include FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

Choose gift card that will cover either a 3, 6, or 12 month membership

You can either email the gift card or print it out to hand deliver to the lucky recipient.

They use the gift card and you’re officially the best gift giver. Congratulations!


All memberships include FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

“My kids love to send the postcards, and our family & friends LOVE to receive them. Every recipient calls to tell our kids how the postcards made their day :)”


dad of 10-year-old-twins Lisa and Jonathan

“I’m so grateful that PostPal Club is teaching my daughter the importance of a good old fashioned handwritten note. The kids love getting their own mail, and they see how much the recipients appreciate receiving the notes from them.”


mom of 5-year-old Isabelle

“My son can’t wait to get his Post Pal Club package in the mail each month. He loves to see his face and name on the postcards.”


mom of 6-year-old Austin

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